Information input

Consent for personal information collection and utilization.

Hyundai LNG Shipping will notify and guide companies, organizations, and individuals in regard to collecting and utilizing their information according to the pertinent legal statutes.

1. Items of personal information collected: name, email address, mobile phone number.

2. The purpose of collecting personal information: We use personal information for counseling and answering questions.

3. The disadvantages of non-agreement
   Hyundai LNG Shipping will not collect your personal information if you do not agree to the collection and utilization of your personal information, and in this case, we may not be able to answer your inquiry.

4. The retention period of collected personal information: The collected personal information is stored within 6 months from the agreed date. The information will be immediately deleted upon request of information provider.

5. If you have any question concerning the management of personal information, contact Jeon Jae Woong (02-6050-7222,