Hyundai LNG is growing with professionalism and honesty.

To realize the management philosophy of company to invent the prosperous future for all, we are cruising rapidly. To grow into a super-power company to lead the 21st century, we are actively practicing ethical management based on the Hyundai spirit of creative intelligence, active will, and strong driving force. We are also willing to contribute to the development of both individuals and communities through fulfilling our obligations as a corporate citizen.

The Six Ethical Principles

  • High ethical standard

    We realize the company's management philosophy with a high ethical standard and implement a corporate culture where employees can feel rewarded for their work.

  • Client satisfaction

    Client satisfaction is our top priority, We respect opinions of our clients and strive to generate more values for our clients.

  • Maximizing our enterprise value

    We want to maximize the value of our company through management innovation and growth strategies. We work hard to promote the interests of shareholders and investors by implementing transparent management.

  • Mutual development plan

    We provide fair opportunities for partner companies and promote mutual development by encouraging mutual trust and cooperation.

  • Fair competition practice

    We comply with the principle of free competition in sales activities and practice fair competition.

  • Pursuit of healthy profit

    For corporate citizenship, Environmental protection is considered above everything. By pursuing healthy profit, We contribute to the development of the local community and international society.