In order to prevent a single mistake, fleet management team takes a responsibility for vessel safety management for safe navigation. The team prepares for the uncertain future with systematic planning.

Safe navigation with professional management 24/7

Hyundai LNG Shipping’s fleet management team is a defender if you compare it to football. This is because the team is concentrating on maintenance and operation so that the safety of the vessel cannot be breached. Fleet management team says that in order to achieve the goal of 'safe navigation', it always attempts to set a meticulous plan to prevent any unexpected accidents.

There are two main tasks of the team. They are 'maintenance management' and ‘navigation management'. In 'maintenance management', they carry out tasks such as prevention of safety accidents, establishment, implementation of a cargo safety plan, and prevention of hull accident, inspection and collection and analysis of PSC inspection data. In 'Navigation Management', they will monitor vessels and the weather condition, and review the safety condition of the route and the harbor.

JangPal Choi, Director

“ The perfect defense comes from a systematic countermeasure plan. Meticulous planning is our strength.”

Our strength lies in systematic planning for potential problems

Just as human body condition fluctuates, the condition of a vessel also shows a lot of variations. The types of prescription required are different according to the time and method of shipbuilding. The team implements a safety plan for each condition. For this, Hyundai LNG Shipping has meticulously prepared its manuals. They are HSQS (HLS ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH-SAFETY & QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM), vessel KPI system and PMS(Planned Maintenance System). These manuals contain the know-how of 20 years.

"Our team's job is like that of defenders in football. If they fail at just one single game, they can fail the entire season. We're trying to prevent that one potential crisis.”

27 Years of know-how for perfect safety

The vessel KPI system is the system designed to provide the best strategic KPIs for safe navigation, fleet operation, environmental management, various reviews, vessel proposals and accident-free days. It promotes the morale of the marine staff by providing a guideline for distributing rewards for excellent fleet operation.

The PMS system is also worthy of notice. The PMS system, uniquely developed by Hyundai LNG Shipping, is software for preventive maintenance. Compared to the manuals of other companies, the manuals of Hyundai LNG Shipping are the products of their know-how for 27 years. This is not a surprise considering the expertise of Hyundai LNG Shipping which has accumulated so many experiences.

ECDIS Education

Engine Simulation Education

LNG Basic Education

Ship handling simulation Educationp

Ship Electrical Practice

Maintenance technology Education

Oh Jung-ho, Team Leader

The synergy produced when the good crew and the good manuals meet

A thorough vessel management manual can only be effective through experienced personnel. In order for the manual to work in real situations, it is necessary to have crew members who have a complete command of fleet operation. To this end, the fleet management team offers various training programs for the staff.

After joining the company, a new officer goes through 27 training classes for fleet operation and LNG cargo management. Without going through this successfully, he cannot even board on the ship. In addition, when he is promoted to the upper level, he has to receive additional job competency training to be truly recognized as a LNG expert.

"Safety Campaigns are also worthy of note. We regularly run campaigns on safety issues. One of them is 'Safety Seminar' which reviews the past accidents. Safety consciousness should be maintained at all times."

“ Eventually, Safety consciousness is the best thing not to lose tension."

Trust is based on communication

Strict fleet management leads to safety, which also leads to the reputation of Hyundai LNG Shipping as a trustable partner. Therefore, the work of fleet management team is directly tied to the brand image of the company. Hyundai LNG Shipping with its achievement of 20 years of no accident is widely recognized as the most reliable partner for domestic and international institutions and businesses.
Fleet management team credits its success to good communication. Effective communication allows early prevention of danger. Even when there is a minor mistake, effective communication never lets it develop into a major crisis. The company values communication immensely whether on sea or on land.

In addition to effective communication, its optimized system contributes to the safety management. The company has archived the data coming from 20 years of experience and transformed them into an impressive information system ready for practical application on the field.
“The trinity of communication, system and education has begotten this success. One should never let his guard down, however.”

System management team is responsible for transforming the know-how data into an information system and helping the employees learn thoroughly how to take advantage of the system.

Vessel safety guaranteed by specific manuals

The common feature of every advanced organization is that it has prepared meticulous manuals which are ready for practical application. The absence of a system always leads to inability whether in nations or corporations. Operation merely based on intuition cannot minimize the possibility of errors. Only a good system can do that. That’s why good organizations focus on developing good systems.

The system ever aiming for perfection

“Many consider their manuals to be unchangeable. That is wrong. Manuals should get updated for many reasons such as technological advancements and new management situations. All manuals are imperfect and have room for improvement.”

Ju Seong-jun, the team leader of system management team says that even though we can never be perfect, we can at least aim for it. The more you get rid of discovered errors, the more perfect your system gets. His team knows this well. A system aiming for perfection is more likely to detect any potential accident.

A net for preventing possible accidents

“ A system is a perspective. It's a perspective on how to respond to a crisis.”

“For example, many people ask, 'Isn't the result just a wreck when you meet a typhoon on the sea?' Again, the answer is NO. If the system is well-equipped, the typhoon becomes a controllable crisis, not an inevitable one."

In other words, it is the system that changes the perspective of "We cannot help it!" to "We can control it." In fact, Hyundai LNG is importing weather information from the United States and Japan to prepare for and control the uncertain future. This is because acquiring all valuable information as much as possible can provide stability despite the instability of weather degradation.
As such, the Hyundai LNG shipping system is a kind of net to prepare for possible accidents.

Vessel safety supported by HSQS integration system

The future causes anxiety because it is uncertain. However, before the future actually arrives, it might be considered to be full of hidden opportunities. System management team wants to develop these opportunities into the company’s assets by thorough reviewing of the manuals.

HSQS (HLS ENVIRONMENT, HEALTH-SAFETY & QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM) is a representative manual of the company. HSQS is an integration system based on the international standard ISO 14001: 2015, ISO 9001: 2015, ISM / ISPS CODE and OHSAS 18001. It helps to protect the safety of human life, vessel and our natural environment and to provide safe LNG transportation. It enables the integrated management of ship and port facilities, while also taking care of legal issues such as labor contracts. This saves a tremendous amount of time and natural resources.

A manual for a changing age

As the age changes, international regulations on environment and safety are also changing rapidly. Especially, as the environmental regulations become more complicated, all the shipping companies in the world are obliged to create new manuals to cope with them.

For example, certain countries allow only certain fuels that are not detrimental to environmental pollution, so when approaching that route belonging to the countries, each vessel should make sure it is containing a kind of fuel that meets the requirements. It is not easy to decide because there are just so many routes and each route has different requirements. A well-crafted system is necessary for that reason. Hyundai LNG Shipping is well prepared for this global situation full of twists.

For a system fully operational on the field

If a manual exists only as a manual, it is a waste of human and material recourses. It should not exist only as a book but should be usable on the field. For this, it must be a manual that gives highly practical guides. That's why it's important to have enough experience at sea before working in the system management team. Without this necessary experience, it is hard to understand the process of making and applying manual guidelines. You have to learn every possible situation by experience. Then, you are qualified to create a "real system."

“This is where the practical system integration of Hyundai LNG Shipping has proven its strength. There was a minor breakdown of the vessel. In this kind of situation, other companies usually ask the original ship builders to look into and solve the problem. But we did it by ourselves. In some areas, our crews are more advanced than the engineers. This is possible because our system includes effective emergency response training. It saved us a lot of time and expense. A concrete and feasible system always does that. It also improves overall safety, of course."

Seeing and hearing carefully produces wonderful results

For our success, the members of the system management team must have the ability to 'see and hear' well. A system is created by combining the internal voices and the external voices. In other words, the system is the combination of feedbacks for internal and external requests. Fast and appropriate feedback is the key to increasing the reliability of a corporation.
All the Hyundai LNG shipping members are receiving continuous education in order to ensure that all of them are well aware of the system and be ready for emergency situations in the field. They are all being transformed into the field experts.

Business Management Team connects the vessels on the sea and the headquarters. The team looks into and manages various matters related to operation.

Killing two birds of vessel safety and profit with one sling

Everyday, the members of Hyundai LNG Shipping’s Business Management Team remain alert. They have to directly monitor the movements of LNG carrier on the sea and be ready for sudden emergencies. Business Management Team, as its name suggests, is responsible for 100 % of its profits. To meet the terms of contracts made with clients, the team tends to be meticulous about the details. The team is the true connector between the ocean and the ground.

Vessel safety is always the highest priority

The Business management team represent current LNG shipments. The work of this team is a summary of all the company's efforts to successfully provide transportation services and fulfill customer commitments. A team that is 100% responsible for the profits of Hyundai LNG Shipping is driven by the motivation to maximize profits. The team reviews the suitability of the fare, the schedule of the vessel and the items necessary for the operation to establish the direction the company should take. However, even if it is mission to create profit, the team does not blindly pursue this goal. It is important to gain maximum benefit while protecting the fulfillment of the terms and conditions.

Because the safety of the vessel remains the top priority of the team, the team does not choose an option that may be dangerous to the operation of the vessel. There are reasons to think not only about profit but also about running a ship safely. All businesses of Hyundai LNG Shipping can not be done without using a ship. Therefore, in order to be part of a team, a prospective member must be familiar with marketing and vehicle operations. Although the work of the team is done on the ground, all members do not cease vessel surveillance. Emergency communication systems must be fully operational after hours. Unexpected events are always happening in the sea. The team must be prepared for potential crises. Because the crisis can affect the site.

“ Our team is like a ‘joint’ in a human body. We facilitate communication among the company, our clients and other departments.”

Authenticity before tasks and people

Since the job they are doing requires a high degree of alertness, it is necessary for the members to cultivate a virtue of mutual respect. WooRam Chung, team leader, said, “What I care most when I pick a team member is his or her authentic attitude.” He is the firm believer that one’s attitude toward his or her job is directly related to the person’s job performance.

Being a good coordinator among many different parties

WooRam Chung decided to call those in charge of fleet operation as coordinators since they have to understand the situations of at least two parities and resolve conflicts. Every organization has its own unique situations. Since their situations are so different, they tend to use different languages. That’s where a conflict occurs. Without an interpreter to interpret each party’s language for the other party, it is not easy to continue communication.

“Our team members are good at both listening to and interpreting other teams’ messages. Someone has to listen. Without proper listening, any organization will stop functioning.”

This is why the team members are required to have experience at sea. This offers a very practical knowledge of fleet operation. The best way to understand other teams’ work and learn their language is to actually work there for a while. The work done in Hyundai LNG Shipping cannot be completed by one person. It requires cooperation which asks for mutual understanding and respect.

Trust based on honesty

The culture of Hyundai LNG Shipping, encouraging sympathy and respect, makes it possible for the company to build up its sound brand image. It is not just about the know-how and technics it has accumulated. It is more about its authentic attitude toward work and its respectful relation with clients. The company’s honesty has eventually earned the trust of its clients. The same virtue is visible among its employees. The employees, highly proud of their own company, are highly united. This sense of confidence has facilitated mutual communication, impressing even its clients.

“There is a reason why Hyundai LNG Shipping is called ‘Big Brother’ in this field. I think the company’s prosperity will continue. The emergence of shale gas adds more to this positive prospect. However, that should not make the company fall into complacency. Its competitors are also entering the market. We are all together thinking of how to make Hyundai LNG Shipping a great company.”