The Dock Master of KOGAS plays a key-man in safely unloading the LNG gas transported from the LNG ship in the port to the ground storage tank.

Hyundai LNG Shipping, Frontier of korea’s LNG industry

When a LNG carrier carrying hundreds of thousands of tons of LNG finally arrives at the port, everyone gets quite nervous. All know they are dealing with invisible LNG, which requires maximum caution. JeYoung Han, Dock Master, who has been working with Hyundai LNG Shipping for 27 years, called the company, “The Pioneer of Korean LNG industry armed with a frontier spirit.”

27 years with Hyundai LNG Shipping

Korean LNG industry started in 1983 when the first LNG sales contract between South Korea and Indonesia was signed. The korea’s LNG industry was still at its inception until the emerging of Hyundai Utopia in 1994.

“Hyundai LNG Shipping began to take the pioneering role at this point. The company’s former name was Hyundai Merchant Marine. Hyundai LNG Shipping has inherited the good legacy of safety and technology expertise from Hyundai Merchant Marine period. The company still does not have any powerful competitor. KOGAS and the company have been working together for 27 years. Hyundai LNG Shipping has now achieved the reputation of a reliable partner.”

Reasons to trust Hyundai LNG Shipping

Since the dock master of KOGAS collaborates with various companies, it has become very important for him to objectively evaluate the companies in the field. Han said that the culture, custom and value of a company are laid bare during the unloading work. How the sensitive job is carried out easily reveals the safety level and the expertise of a company.

“I have been working with so many corporations. Hyundai LNG Shipping has shown the highest level of teamwork. I can just sense that open and honest communications are happening among the team members. Even when they are most sensitive during the unloading job, the spirit of harmony remains intact. They do not shy away from the difficulty of the task. They know how to keep the spirit of adventure. The fact that the team remains adventurous even when the issue of safety might make it conservative is the reason why Hyundai LNG Shipping has been so successful.”

“ The high level of cohesiveness, teamwork, active communication and adventurousness found in Hyundai LNG Shipping gives me enough reason to trust the company. ”

The preciousness of a reliable partner

KOGAS is the greatest super power in Korean LNG industry. It still needs good partners to lead this enormous industry. JeYong Han, Dock Master, commented "Hyundai LNG Shipping is such an essential partner for KOGAS who desperately needs good partnership.”

“In fact, it’s easy to be passive when safety is our top priority. Hyundai LNG Shipping does not allow the safety issue to make the company too shy when approaching the task. It knows how to be daring. This flexibility impresses me. This allows Hyundai LNG Shipping to move forward in the industry while not sacrificing safety.“

“ There are many things to learn from this wonderful company. They have all the necessary virtues of a good partner: carefulness, willingness to do anything, safety consciousness, integrity to keep their promises and many others.”

JeYoung Han, Dock Master, wished the success of LNG Industry. He said that it is not right for the industry to rely on only a few heroes and everyone should learn to lead and take the initiative.