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Pioneering the future
with stable operation.

Welcome to Hyundai LNG Shipping.
I want you to keep an eye on the growth of Hyundai LNG Shipping into a global top-tier in the industry. All our employees shall do their best to keep pursuing innovations for sustainable growth.


Hyundai LNG Shipping started its sailing with South Korea's first LNG national flag ship "Hyundai Utopia" in 1994. We have had a long-term contract with KOGAS for 20 years and have grown into the best LNG carrier in South Korea. Now we are making a new history as the first shipping company to supply shale gas to South Korea

After IMM PE acquisition in 2014, we separated out Hyundai Merchant Marine's gas line business from Hyundai LNG Shipping and put our effort on creating and expanding our new business. As a result of that effort, we won two orders for US shale gas projects by KOGAS in 2014. Hyundai LNG shipping will not stop here. We will work to strengthen our relationship with existing LNG clients while developing new projects with global LNG players at the same time. In addition, we will develop into a provider of integrated LNG solutions as a leading LNG carrier service provider.

We will add to our economics values through growth and operational efficiency and endeavor to improve process, performance, safety and quality practices. In order to keep the pioneering spirit of the first vessel "Hyundai Utopia", we will put our efforts on our latest vessels "Hyundai Princepia" and "Hyundai Peacepia" to make them the most advanced and global service operations.