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27 Years of Experience

Hyundai LNG Shipping became independent from Hyundai Merchant Marine. It has become a world-class company on its own right. With its proud history of leading the domestic LNG industry for more than 27 years, it has successfully and safely carried out its tasks on cargo tanks, engines, and routes, etc. Based on its experiences, it is becoming a global company to create a better future.

The largest domestic scale for 27 consecutive years 1st

Hyundai LNG Shipping operated its first national flagged vessel, HYUNDAI UTOPIA, after signing contract with KOGAS Corporation for the first time in South Korea for the transportation of LNG. We have been the largest transporter for 27 consecutive years since then.


In 1994, the first Korean flagged LNG carrier in service

HYUNDAI UTOPIA, South Korea's first national flagged LNG carrier, started its first domestic transport service on July 1, 1994, by launching its first service in Bontang (service area) in Indonesia. For more than 27 years, we are still delivering LNG safely, proving the stability of our service.

8 vessels, the largest LNG fleet in South Korea 8 ship

Our eight vessels, Which account for 30% of the 27 LNG national flagged vessels in South Korea, are in operation at HLS. We have been recently selected as the first shipping company to operate two new LNG vessels for US project of shale gas in May 2017, a remarkable achievement in the industry.

7mn tons

5.23 million tons, the largest LNG transportation volume in Korea

We transport approximately 5.23 million tons (13%) out of 4 million tons of domestic LNG imports annually (in 2020), contributing to the stable domestic energy supply and the development of Korean energy industry by acquiring two new LNG carriers, we are expecting to achieve 6 million tons of LNG imports.

2113 voyages, strong financial position and safe fleet operation 2113

Hyundai LNG Shipping has carried out a total of 2,113 sailings since 1994 and March 2021, its proven stability earning the trust of partners. Based on accumulated expertise and sincerity, HLS will continue to deliver valuable service to our customers.

The way of HLS from the past to present!

Leap to a Global Player2020's

  • 2021Agreements and new orders with global top tier partners(LNGC, VLGC)
  • 2020HLS Amber (VLGC) Entrance

Rush for new leap!2010's

  • 2018Set up in-house ship management
  • 2017Hyundai Princepia, Hyundai Peacepia in service (SABINE PASS, USA)
  • 2014Awarded two(2) LNG carriers from KOGAS for Sabine Pass, U.S
    Hyundai LNG shipping was established (LNG business unit was transferred from Hyundai Merchant Marine Co., Ltd.)
  • 2010Chartered in Abdelkader (#4chartering-substituion) and redelivered in June, 2014

Continuous development!2000's

  • 2008The Hyundai Ecopia (19th National flagged ship) in service
  • 2001The LNG Aquarius (#4chartering) in service (April, 2010 The Abdelkader chartering replacement)
  • 2000The Hyundai Cosmipia (9th National flagged ship) in service
    The Hyundai Aquapia (11th National flagged ship) in service
    The Hyundai Oceanpia (14th National flagged ship) in service

From the very first service!1990's

  • 1999The Hyundai Technopia (6th National flagged ship) in service
  • 1996The Hyundai Greenpia (4th National flagged ship) in service
  • 1995The Hanjin Pyeongtaek (3rd National flagged ship, Shared ship) in service
  • 1994The Y.K Soverign (2nd National flagged ship, Partially owned) in service
  • 1994The Hyundai Utopia (1st National flagged ship) in service
  • 1990Selected as the nation’s first LNG shipping company